Who are we?


HMH Lunch meeting

Hazen - Management

His day job usually consists of laying around 'supervising' production and quality testing random Dog Pockets that end up in his personal collection. 

Russell - Labor

I'm an IT guy by day, and seamstress (if that's the right term) by night. What you see here is the result of a hobby gone wild!

How did it all start?

A 50+ hour work week can start to wear on someone, even if their day job involves a keyboard and a comfortable chair. When you start to hit that wall, everyone looks for a hobby or an outlet. For me, it was art as a kid but, in recent years I've wanted to actually 'make something' tangible. At the same time I wanted to replace a few items in Hazen's wardrobe that were wearing out. Learning to sew seemed to be the path forward.

With a hand-me-down sewing machine, some left over thread, and 10 fingers ready to be stabbed and threaded as I learned - I learned. 

3 years later, Hazen and I have our process down to an assembly line of sorts. We shop for fabrics with bold, appealing prints together, then cut and lay out all of the parts before putting each product together by hand ourselves. Well, Hazen mostly watches me do the work, but it's a partnership none-the-less!

Say hello!

Now that you know who we are, let us know who you are and what we can make for you...