Dog Pockets

The original Handmade Hazen product for keeping small burrowers warm and happy! Made of double layer fleece with a furry inner liner, any small breed that likes to climb into and under blankets is sure to fall in love with them.

Dog Pockets are also great to use as a training aide, giving your dog a 'personal space' to go to. Once they know this is their special spot, this helps you keep track of where your little ones are, and gives them a place to go when necessary.

If your dog has anxiety issues (separation, social, etc.) then you also know the benefits and comfort of a routine. Having their own 'safety blanket' at all times can do wonders for them in such a big world.

Available in a large variety of prints and patterns, with a number of interior colors to compliment them all - you're sure to find the perfect one that fits you, your home, and your pet.